Pumping Frequency Forms

Extensions to the Pumping Frequency

If you haven’t met the 25% rule for two cycles at the minimum frequency, then you can request an extension to the pumping frequency. Requests will be reviewed and granted on a case by case basis. You will be required to provide documentation that the 25% rule has not been met for each of the two cleaning cycles. 

This is generally done by photographing the depth of the grease layer with a ruler or other appropriate scale in the photograph. Download the Request for Extension to Cleaning Frequency (PDF) and be sure to include your documentation so that it may be handled without delay.

Alternate Cleaning Schedules for Seasonal/Irregular Usage Facilities

For seasonal facilities or facilities with irregular usage such as concession stands, event venues, church kitchens, etc., an alternate schedule may be developed that will be appropriate for that facility. Download the Alternate Cleaning Schedule Request Form (PDF) to get started. Alternate schedules will be handled on a case by case basis.