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Borrow materials not housed at your library with the Interlibrary Loan service. Use the search bar below to get started.

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What is Interlibrary Loan?
The sharing of materials among libraries for you to have access to materials not owned by your local library.
What is available?
You may request books, videos, sound recordings, and more not owned by the public or university libraries in the Abilene Library Consortium. Before requesting materials, check the catalog for local holdings.
How long will it take for a loan to arrive?
Materials take 2-4 weeks to arrive and you will be notified when you item is available for pickup. If there is a problem with you request, or it could not be filled, we will notify you.
How do I submit a request?
Submit your request using the WorldCat database available as a search box at the top of the page. Watch our How-To Video on this page if you need help.
What will it cost?
There is generally no charge as the majority of libraries we work with lend materials at no cost to you.
Where do I pick the materials up from?
Pickup your requests at the branch location you requested your item be held at when completing your request.
How long can I keep the materials?
The lending library determines the loan period for their materials, but the typical checkout is 3-weeks. There are no renewals on these materials.
Where do I return the materials?
Return materials to any branch location. We prefer for you to turn them into staff at the circulation desk to ensure they are handled properly.
How may requests can I make at a time?
Each library card is limited to requesting up to 10 titles each month. This number will reset at the start of the month.