Creation Station Makerspace @ Your Library

Library Services Makerspace

The Creation Station offers a community workspace where guests can use a variety of tools for crafts and projects. From 3D printing to using the Cricut, all are available for public use. This makerspace is available at your Main Library, 202 Cedar St.

Makerspace is Available During Library Hours

Need help on a craft project? Get 1-on-1 help with library staff by calling 325-676-6025 to schedule an appointment.

Maker Kits for Beginners

Maker Kits are available for checkout by adults at your Main Library. Designed for beginning users, each kit will focus on a different activity to help you build your skills in areas including calligraphy, crochet, knitting, and more.

Makerspace Learning Courses

Library staff can host courses on learning to use specialized equipment in the makerspace. Space will be limited in each course and participants must be age 14 or older. Call 325-676-6025 to schedule a session as an individual or group.

    Develop skills for using the Cricut, a die-cutting machine used for scrapbooking and various projects and used for cutting paper, vinyl, fabrics, and other materials. Learn how to use the Cricut Design Space, load and unload your material, and more.
    Learn to use the 3D Printer by using free stereolithographic (STL) files online or creating original projects yourself. This course will show you how to create your own projects to save and print, the basics of using the Tinker computer-aided design (CAD) program, how to use the slicing program, uploading your print creations, and more.

Makerspace FAQ's

1. What are the hours of operation?
This space is open during our regular hours of operation. Staff will close the room 15-minutes prior to closing.
2. Do I need a library card to use the makerspace?
Yes, all users need a valid library card in good standing.
3. Is there an age requirement?
Users must be over the age of 13 and have signed the Accident/Liability form. If under the age of 13, adult supervision is required at all times while using the makerspace.
4. Do I need to fill out any forms before using the makerspace?
Yes, you must fill out the Accident/Liability Waiver form that can be found at the top of this page, or by asking for a copy from library staff at the makerspace. You'll also be provided with guidelines for using the makerspace.
5. Do I need to sign-in to use the makerspace?
Yes, sign-in with your library card at the Information Services Desk.
6. Can staff assist me with my projects on-demand?
No. If needing assistance, we prefer you call ahead to setup an appointment with staff.
7. What if I want to learn to use equipment that is new to me?
See staff at the Information Services Desk to make an appointment for basic training.
8. Can I reserve the room for my group to use?
Yes, contact staff to see about reserving the room. All participants must have a valid library card and to have signed the Accident/Liability Waiver form.

3D Printing FAQ's

1. What type of 3D printer do you have?
PolyPrinter 225
2. How large is the print area?
225mm x 225mm x 225mm
3. What type of filament does the library use?
ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
4. What type of file do I need?
STL files
5. How do I submit a file for printing?
Contact staff at 325-676-6025 to coordinated sending your project by email, or bring your file to the Information Services Desk (ready to print on a flash drive) and staff will assist you.
6. I am familiar with 3D printing, can I load my own files and change my own filament?
No, only staff may load files for printing, change the filament, etc.
7. How much does it cost?
$0.15 per gram
8. Can I bring my own filament?
No, we will only use filament supplied by the library to ensure compatibility.
9. How long will it take to print my file?
This varies depending on the size and density of the item being printed. Staff will contact you when the item is finished printing, as well as have the final price available.
10. What happens if I don't want what I printed?
The library reserves the right to keep the item for our personal, which may also impact your future printings.