Abilene Heritage Square

Abilene Heritage Square is now a Texas non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that has been formed to rehabilitate and re-purpose the former Lincoln Middle School and original Abilene High School, located near downtown Abilene at the intersection of Grape Street and South 1st Street.

Upon completion, Abilene Heritage Square will house a new Central Library for the City, an event center in the historic Eagle's Nest Gym, a full service coffee restaurant and more. 

In July of 2019, Abilene Heritage Square announced it had reached its fundraising goal, raising approximately $32.5 million of a needed $41.5 million. At that time, Abilene City Council also approved a resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into lease negotiations for the City to move the Main Library to Abilene Heritage Square upon its completion. Abilene Heritage Square is now in its final design phase, and nearing construction.

For more about Abilene Heritage Square, visit its website at www.abileneheritagesquare.org.

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