Find Craft Ideas with Project Teen

Project Teen offers a series of craft tutorials that began in 2010, after the popularity of the Crafty Creations kids show. Many of the projects are based off of teen programs we've hosted at the library. Now, you can bring the fun of those crafts into your homes.  View some of our favorites below, or visit our Project Teen Playlist on YouTube to see them all.

Ep. 8: Fused Plastic Bags

With more than 400,000 views, this video became our sleeper hit on YouTube. For this project, you'll learn how to recycle plastic bags into yarn, using some heat, that could then be used to make knit and crochet fun projects.

Ep. 33: DIY Spray Paint

Art projects always make for a great time, and finding new ways to paint can be fun. For this project, we'll create our own version of spray paint using acrylic paint, water, and spray bottles you can pick up at your local dollar store.

Ep. 34: Recycled Paper Pots

If you're looking for a new project that will help you to eat up some time, watch as you'll learn how to make some cool-looking pots using strips of paper. You could make more than pots, so use your imagination, but these will turn out incredible.

Ep. 35: Recycled Plastic Bottle Earrings

Recycled crafts make for great projects because they hardly cost anything to make, and they let you reuse materials you'll probably have on hand at your home. Watch as we show you how to make some earrings from plastic bottles.

Ep. 24: Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes

Edible crafts are awesome and we've hosted plenty of craft projects at the library that utilize food. At this session, we'll be taking an average cupcake and transforming it into flower art using marshmallows, 

Ep. 17: Making Candy Sushi

Another popular edible look-alike craft, which added a bit of multicultural flavor to it, was the Candy Sushi project.  Using dessert materials including Fruit Roll-Ups, gummies, and pound cake, you'll certainly want to make this for your family and friends time and time again.

Ep. 39: Button Art

If you've got some time on your hands, this project is a great way to create some new art from your room. With some craft supplies you can pick up from any craft store, you can use old buttons and similar materials to create works of art.

Ep. 40: Memory Wrap Bracelets

For the fashion-forward teens out there, this project will show you how to take wire and beads and transform them into great and fashionable bracelets of various lengths. Adults will love making these too.