The Safety City curriculum was developed by the Abilene Police Department, Abilene Independent School District teachers, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Abilene Fire Department.

We suggest teachers spend approximately 5-8 hours instructing the students on the safety information prior to their visit. Students should have a good "working knowledge" of the information so that they can practice what they have learned in our safe environment.

  1. Fire Safety House
  2. Police Education Building

Each year, thousands of 3rd graders from the Big Country are taught the importance of having smoke alarms, escape plans and safe meeting places during classes in our state of the art firehouse building. Visitors to the Fire Safety House are able to learn first-hand about the basics of fire safety: Stop, drop, and roll; don’t play with matches; stay low and go; and much more.

Building Features

The building features interactive classrooms: an engine room that is home to a 1926 American LaFrance fire truck; a fully working kitchen; and a bedroom that fills with simulated fire and smoke for kids to practice escaping.

  • The "engine room" is where the groups meet to watch videos and interact with the staff on safety topics including smoke detectors, escape plans, and safe meeting places.
  • The "kitchen" is like most real kitchens. It has a sink, stove, cabinets, phone, etc. Kitchens and cooking can be good things, but can also be dangerous. We talk about ways to be safe when cooking.
  • In the "bedroom" or "smoke room" we talk about what to do in case of a fire, and how to get out safely. At the end, we fill the room with artificial smoke and the kids practice the fire drill we talked about.

Fire Safety House