Traffic Signs & Lights


  1. Students will be able to list the three colors and associated meaning of a traffic light.
  2. Students will recognize and be able to properly obey:
    1. Stop Sign
    2. Yield Sign
    3. One Way Sign
    4. Railroad Crossing
    5. Traffic Lights
  3. Students will be familiar with traffic signs that apply to bike drivers and pedestrians.

Traffic Light

Traffic LightRed Light: Must stop before entering the intersection and remain stopped until a green light is shown, and it is safe to proceed.

Yellow Light: Warns the driver/pedestrian the light is about to change to red. STOP if not already in the intersection.

Green Light: The driver/pedestrian may proceed when it is safe to do so. (Emphasize to the students to look in all directions before entering the intersection.)

Traffic Signs

Stop Sign

Stop Sign: Stop. Look in all directions. When it is safe, you can go.

Yield SignYield Sign: Let the traffic on the other road go first.
One Way SignOne Way: Traffic is allowed to go only in the direction of the arrow.
Railroad Crossing SignRailroad Crossing (Lighted): Must stop when lights are flashing and bell is sounding. May not cross until lights and bell stop. NEVER try to go around the lowered barrier arm. Stop, Look, Listen and Live.

Railroad Crossing (Without Lights): Stop, Look, Listen and Live. NEVER try to beat a train.
Railroad Warning SignAdvance Warning Railroad Sign: Slow down. Look to see if a train is coming, if so, stop!

Other Traffic Signs Students Should be Familiar With

Pedestrian Crossing SignPedestrian CrossingSchool Zone SignSchool Zone
Detour SignDetour
Construction Zone SignConstruction Zone
Do Not Enter SignDo Not Enter
No Bicycles Allowed SignNo Bikes Allowed

Safety City Route Signs

Car Route Sign
Bike Route Sign
Pedestrian Route Sign
Car Route: Students should follow these signs when driving a car. The signs are blue in color with a white arrow attached to an orange traffic cone.
Bike Route: Students should follow these signs when driving bicycles at Safety City. The are green in color with a white arrow.
Pedestrian Route: Students should follow these arrows when walking the pedestrian route. Red arrows painted on the ground/sidewalk.