Downtown Street Improvements (CBD Project)

Downtown Abilene's Central Business District streets will undergo a major rehab and reconstruction during 2020, as a project that is part of the 2015 bond package. This work will affect downtown streets spanning from Hickory to Walnut, and North 6th to (but not including) North 1st.

Construction is expected to begin in early 2020, and we will use this space to provide the latest updates and contact information on the project.

The City and Public Works Department would like to strongly encourage all of our downtown partners to contact them as planning gets underway for any activities or events within our downtown and Central Business District (CBD) over the next year. 

Please contact Public Works Director Greg McCaffery at 325.6766284  or as soon as your downtown event planning has begun. He and his team look forward to coordinating traffic and venue access to insure the best experience for visitors, guests, and customers. 

Our Public Works Department is planning to work with the CBD contractor to do this work in two-block increments, so to minimize the inconvenience of street closures. The City is also working to develop a clear, direct communication system with our downtown neighbors throughout this process to keep everyone informed of its progress and upcoming closures.

A map of Downtown Abilene streets set for reconstruction within the CBD project