Increase Your Knowledge

Increase Your Knowledge

January 2020 - Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) What you can do to prepare yourself better.

As many read in the headlines of Active Attacks in our communities, the Abilene Police Department would like to send out some highlights from ALERRT training.  These considerations are from the Citizen Response To Active Shooter Events (CRASE). You can find the course on the TEEX website at

There is a short acronym to remember when encountered with an active threat.


Avoid- If you can safely retreat in the opposite direction of the threat, then do so.  If you are certain an attack is taking place in one area of a store, school, or place of business, then find a way out at the opposite side of the threat using whatever means necessary, such as a door or window.

DENY-  If you find there is no way to escape the attack, then the next line of defense is DENY.  This means retreating to a room, locking the door and turning off the lights.  Use any means necessary to secure the door.  If the door is inward opening, barricade the door with objects such as furniture or equipment.  If the door is outward opening, try securing the door with a rope, belt, extension cords, or any other material that you can tie off to prevent the door from opening.

DEFEND- The last line of defense is DEFEND.  Arm yourself with anything that can be used as a weapon like a pair of scissors, a chair, a fire extinguisher, or something that will inflict the most damage.  If the attacker makes entry into your space, use these weapons to fight like your life depends on it, because it does.