COVID-19 Reporting

What is reportable?

Suspect and confirmed cases of COVID-19 are immediately reportable to the local health department. If you are reporting a positive case you must notify the health department immediately via phone. If you suspect a case of COVID-19 or you are ordering a COVID-19 lab, please fax in a PUI form immediately. Please include relevant travel history, risk factors, and patient contact information. 

You may confidentially report COVID-19 cases by phone or fax at the following:

  • Confidential Fax: 325-676-6358

  • Phone: 325-437-4556

  • After-Hours: 880-705-8868

Commercial Lab Testing:

Clinicians who want to order COVID-19 tests at commercial labs should directly contact each lab for testing and submission guidelines. Public health is not required to approve commercial lab testing. Please make sure a PUI form along with patient contact information is sent to the health department the same day as ordering a commercial COVID-19 lab. 

Public Health Lab Testing

If you have a patient that requires public health testing

1: Please verify that the patient meets the Texas Public Health testing Criteria.  Please call the Epidemiology department for clarification of those meeting PUI definition. 

2: If the patient meets Texas public health testing criteria, please fax in PUI form and call 325-437-4556 for the next steps. Specimens can be collected immediately but please note Public Health testing must be approved before submission.