Virtual Club Information

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To promote social distancing, we’ve added a Virtual Club this summer. We will be conducting a variety of activities, contests, and more on our website and social media account like Facebook. There’s content for all ages.

Below you’ll find a listing of all activities you can complete online. Some activities will be available throughout the entire reading club, others may be time sensitive and change daily or weekly.  Check back often to keep up with all the virtual fun to be had.

Summer Virtual Activities Available

  1. Movies, Myths & Media Trivia (Daily)
  2. Fairy Tale LEGO Challenge (Weekly)
  3. Emoji Pictionary Challenge

Movies, Myths & Media Trivia


Trivia Question Posting Graphic

Test your trivia knowledge in this fun activity where we’ll post a new trivia question every weekday. Submit your answer online and for ever five (5) you get correct, you’ll receive an entry into prize drawings at the end of summer.

Trivia questions will not only be posted on our website, but also on our social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter.  Respond quickly as you’ll only have access to answering each question for a 24-hour period.

  1. Choose Your Own Adventure
  2. Choose Your Own Adventure 2
  3. Create Your Own Board Game: Kid Edition
  4. Create Your Own  Board Game: Teen Edition

Choose Your Own Adventure Game


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Youth are invited to become immersed in a virtual story where they will choose the course of the read.  Be a part of the Choose Your Own Adventure activity where you’ll answer prompts that present themselves while engaging in the story. Each turn can lead you somewhere new too 

  1. Fairy Tale Art Contest
  2. Fairy Tale Reboot Writing Contest
  3. Fairy Tale Scavenger Hunt
  4. Fractured Fairy Tale Scavenger Hunt

Fairy Tale Art Contest for All Ages


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Return submissions to the the Main Library or
South Branch, or email your submission to

If you love fairy tales and art, we’re combining the two in a fun contest.  All ages are invited to submit his/her original artwork based on a pre-existing fairy tale from any culture, whether it is widely known or not.

Contest Rules

  • Submissions will be accepted from June 15 - July 31.
  • Entries may be delivered to either the Main Library (202 Cedar St.) or South Branch Library (4310 Buffalo Gap Rd.), scanned and sent digitally via email to with the subject line "Fairy Tale Art," or submitted online using our Entry Form.
  • Include with your entry your name, age, phone number and/or email address, the fairy tale you found inspiration from, and the title of your artwork with each entry.
  • Winners will be announced by August 10.
  • Winning entries will be used in a bound book of fairy tale writing winners and each winner will receive a copy.  They will also be made available for checkout at each of our locations.
  • Art will be categorized as Youth, Teen, or Adult depending on the age of the artist.
  • Art must be based on a pre-existing fairy tale, but may be from any culture whether the tale is widely known or not.
  • Entries must be tasteful and suitable for all ages.
  • Traditional & Contemporary art forms are acceptable such as drawing, painting, digital, mixed-media, etc.  Please keep in mind that the winning pieces will be scanned to fit a book 8.5 by 11 inches.  Much larger or smaller entries may face distortions when being scanned to fit the page.
  • Entries must be original art. No tracing or copying.
  1. Geppetto's Home Workshop Challenge
  2. Myth-ing Key: Virtual Escape Room
  3. Shapes, Colors & Numbers Scavenger Hunt
  4. Seek & Find Scavenger Hunt

Geppetto’s Home Workshop Challenge


Geppettos Home Workshop ChallengeTeens are invited to express themselves creatively in this fun challenge. Your task for this activity will be to create a toy, fairy tale, or storybook character using items you find around the house. Once you’ve completed the task, take a photo of it and we’re asking that you share it with us by submitting your photos through our online entry form above. Your entry will award with an extra entry into prize drawings at the end of the summer so get creative and have some fun!