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Posted on: October 6, 2021

Introducing Changes to Libby Service

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OverDrive has been the library’s most popular digital service for downloading eBooks and audiobooks. Having been introduced in 2008, we created our collection as a joint initiative with Tom Green County Library in San Angelo. This provided a collection where Abilene patrons had access to both collections, and vice versa for Tom Green County Library patrons.

Effective Tuesday, October 5, both library systems have parted so now we’re offering access to content owned solely by the Abilene Public Library.  This migration began on Monday and was completed the following day today. If you notice a disruption in your service, or see problems, please make note of the following information.

Before I address that, OverDrive will be making system changes by February 2022.  If you’re currently using the OverDrive app on your mobile devices, we encourage you to visit your app store and begin utilizing the Meet Libby app.  This app offers a more user-friendly experience when using OverDrive and will become the default app to use with the OverDrive service by February 2022.  When that time comes, there will be no future updates to the OverDrive app and all will need to benign using the Meet Libby service.

But let’s address the changes due to the migration. The Abilene Public Library’s new OverDrive account may be located online at When you access this site, you will see it branded with just our library logo and new colors. When you sign-in, instead of having to choose your library, you’ll only be prompted to enter your 13-digit library card number.

During this migration, all of your current materials that have been checked out, as well as your outstanding holds, will be transferred to the new platform.  For items that were on hold or checked out that belonged to Tom Green County Library, staff has already purchased those titles so they will still be available for you on our new platform.

Please Note: If your library card doesn’t work, it may be expired, which all cards do on an annual basis. Call your nearest preferred library branch and staff may renew your card over the phone or contact us via email using the information provided by OverDrive.  If your account has not expired, you may be blocked if you have a charge on your account of more than $3. Once that is taken care of, you will be good to go.

Now, if you're using the OverDrive app (remember, it will be good until February 2022, you may need follow these steps in order to access your library's digital collection correctly. The change will not automatically happen on its own.

  1. Open the OverDrive app, which should load to your digital bookshelf.

  2. Tap the three (3) horizontal lines at the top of the screen to access you menu options.

  3. By the words “MY LIBRARIES” tape the “Edit” option.

  4. If your library listed shows Abilene PL & Tom Green County, tap on red circle with the minus sign to then “Delete” the library from the listing. Then tap “Done” to accept the change.

  5. Tap on “Add a Library” and search for the Abilene Public Library by name or postal code. 

  6. Tap on any of the branch libraries that display.

  7. You will then be taken to the Abilene Public Library’s digital library collection with our logo listed at the top center of the page.

  8. Tap on the three (3) horizontal lines shown below the logo, then tap the “Sign In” option.

  9. Enter your 13-digit library card number and tap the “Sign in” button below.

  10. If successful, you’ll be taken back to the digital collection.  If you then tap on the three (3) horizontal lines below the logo again, you can then tap on “My Account” to then access your loans and holds to make sure that the correct items are displaying.

  11. Go ahead and checkout an available item to make sure your new library settings take effect. If it’s not a title you want to read, you can always tape on “Return” to return it back to the library from the Loans page.

If you're using the Libby app, which is the preferred app, follow the steps below to access your library's digital collection. Remember, this change won't automatically happen on its own.

  1. Open the Libby app.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Libby icon in the center to view menu options.

  3. Tap on the button labeled “ADD LIBRARY” and search for the Abilene Public Library by name or postal code.

  4. Select any of the branch locations that display first. You will then be prompted that your library has been added, with the library logo displaying at the top of the screen.

  5. Tap on the Libby icon at the bottom of the screen once again, then tap on the link listed  as “No cards +” where you will then be given a link to “Add A Card.”

  6. Next, tap on “Enter Library Account Details” and then enter your 13-digit library card number where prompted, and finally tap on “Sign In.”

  7. If successful, Libby will tell you that you’re signed in and you’ll see a digital card that lists how many loans and holds you have.  Next, tap on the button marked “ACTIONS” that displays on the card and tap the option for “Verify Card” and follow the prompts. Then you can hide the screen once done.

  8. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the Books icon to the right of the Libby icon and you’ll be able to access your loans and holds to make sure they display correctly.

  9. Go ahead and checkout an available item to make sure your new library settings take effect. If it’s not a title you want to read, you can always tap on “Manage Loan” and then choose the option to “Return Early.”

BONUS: As you know, if we don’t have an item you’re looking for, you’ve been able to make a Purchase Request by filling out a form online on our website.  For the digital collection, if it was available for purchase, we would get the item for you and it would display within 24 hours. However, once listed, you had to check the catalog often to see when the item was added and then hope that you’d be the first to check it out.  Now OverDrive offers a service where you can request an item on the digital platform.  That request would go to staff at the library and once we filled the order, you will then be placed on the reserve list to be the first to check it out.

How does that work? This feature is not available through the the app.  To use it, you must log into OverDrive at on your PC, or using the Internet browser on your mobile device.  

Next, when you perform a search for an item, your search results will start by displaying the items we have in our collection.  Following that listing, you’ll then get a listing of items where you’re not given the choice to “Borrow” or “Place a Hold.” In its place, you’ll see the word “Recommendation.” If you choose that option, you’ll be prompted to sign-in (if you’re not signed in already) and then enter your email address and submit the request.  

That request will then go to purchasing staff at the library. Once purchased, the item will appear in the catalog within 24 hours and you should be prompted that it’s available for you to checkout under your holds.

What happens if I look for an item that’s not on OverDrive, and I don’t get a listing for an item I can recommend to the library? If you don’t find the item you’re looking for that means OverDrive does not have that title available for purchase and we will not be able to fill it.  We will only be able to fill requests for items that are available for purchase through OverDrive.

This is a great new feature that’s been added and we hope you take advantage of it. We ask that before you make a recommendation request that you pay attention to the item you’re requesting. Separate listings will be listed for a certain title if you want the eBook version or the audiobook version.  Make sure you choose the proper format you want because that’s what will be purchased.  Additionally, there are some titles offered in different language so be sure you’re choosing the correct item.

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