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Posted on: October 10, 2023

Understanding your Municipal Services Bill

Graphic about how to read your municipal services bill

Residents of the City of Abilene are sent a monthly Municipal Services Bill. While colloquially still called the “water bill” by some, the bill represents payments for a suite of services offered by the City to help with everything from road maintenance to maintaining infrastructure for drainage.

The City of Abilene’s current Fee Schedule for all charges is available online at Click “Government” on the top tab and then select “Fee Schedule” for the complete list of fees. 

We urge residents to carefully examine their monthly bills to keep track of recurring charges and gain a clear understanding of how each fee plays a role in supporting various City services and maintaining essential infrastructure. Abilene Water Utilities, Stormwater Services, and Solid Waste Services operate as enterprise funds. This means the funds they receive can only be utilized for their specific purposes and cannot be allocated to other General Fund services like parks, police, or fire departments.

Should residents have any inquiries or require additional information, they can visit the City's website, 

A comprehensive list of City departments is available online. Navigate to the "Departments'' tab on the website's main page. 

Residents may also get in touch with the City’s Customer Service Center at 325-676-6405. 

To pay your bill online, visit

Components of a typical resident’s monthly bill

Abilene Water Utilities

Customer Service Charge - A service charge, based on meter size, is assessed monthly. This recurring flat fee partially funds the Abilene Water Utilities' system operation and maintenance, including three water sources, transmission system, treatment plants, pump stations, and storage tanks. It produces a predictable revenue source to fund fixed operational infrastructure costs incurred regardless of the volume of water sold.

Rates are: 

  • ⅝ or ¾ inch: $18.25 minimum per month
  • 1 inch: $28
  • 1½ inch: $51.75
  • 2 inch: $86
  • 3 inch: $162
  • 4 inch: $243
  • 6 inch: $452
  • 8 inch: $734
  • 10 inch: $990

Current Water Charges - These are charges based on how much water a customer uses in any given month.  Volume-based fees also go towards the operation and maintenance of the water system, helping to pay for variable costs such as electric power and chemical costs.  The rates increase with each tier to reflect the increased cost placed on the system by high consumption users and to encourage water conservation. Outside of the Abilene City limits, water consumption rates double.

Rates are: 

  • Tier 1 - First 6,000 gallons per thousand gallons: $3.85
  • Tier 2 - 6,001-15,000 gallons per thousand gallons: $6.55
  • Tier 3 - More than 15,000 gallons per thousand gallons: $9.20

Sewer Charges - Sewer is billed similar to water, in that there is a flat fee and a volume based fee.  Both charges go to fund the operation and maintenance  of the wastewater divisions.  Which collects wastewater from homes and businesses, maintains hundreds of miles of underground gravity flow sewer mains, thousands of manholes and multiple lift stations to pump sewage uphill when needed. In addition to clearing sewer stops and lines, verifying system integrity and responding to overflows to protect public health and safety, the department maintains a Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) program responsible for inspecting hundreds of grease traps. The Hamby Water Reclamation Facility & Indirect Reuse Project produces millions of gallons each day of new, raw water supply for Abilene.

Relevant charges include:

  • Sewer Customer Service Charge: $16 minimum
  • First 10,000 gallons, per thousand gallons: $2.90
  • More than 10,000 gallons: No Charge

Click here for a look at City of Abilene Water Utilities Capital Improvement Projects.

Stormwater Services 

The federal Clean Water Act requires cities to follow stormwater regulations, but it doesn't provide funds for compliance. To raise necessary funds, municipalities often implement stormwater fees, commonly based on the amount of impervious surfaces on a property. This benefits taxpayers by preventing pollution-related costs such as flooding damage and increased treatment expenses. 

The stormwater fee system in Abilene was established in August 2003 to fund the Stormwater Services Division, which maintains drainage infrastructure, funds projects, plans for watershed management, and ensures compliance with environmental regulations. The stormwater fee itself pays for maintenance, improvements to the stormwater drainage system, and other program activities. 

Fees collected for stormwater maintenance and improvements are not authorized to be used in other areas of the City without appropriate approvals. 

Current fees for residential customers are: 

  • Tier 1 - Equal to or less than 1,280 square feet: $3

  • Tier 2 - 1,281 to 2,880 square feet: $4

  • Tier 3 - 2,881 - 3,500: $4.75

  • Tier 4 - Greater than 3,500 square feet: $5.75

Click here for a look at the City of Abilene's Drainage Master Plan, aimed at improving Abilene's stormwater drainage infrastructure.

Solid Waste

Solid Waste & Recycling is responsible for administering a comprehensive waste management system for the City of Abilene. Solid Waste manages curb and alley service for Residential and Brush & Bulky Pickup, as well as Commercial Pickup, and Roll-Off Services. Under authority of the Texas Health and Safety Code 364.034 and City of Abilene Ordinance, Section 27-11, the City of Abilene, Solid Waste Services Division, is the only trash collection agency authorized to collect municipal solid waste (trash) within Abilene City Limits.

Solid Waste Services rates depend on the amount of service provided. The current regular monthly charge for residential service is $22.50, giving customers two collection times per week. Sales tax charges for Solid Waste Services appear as a separate item on customers’ Municipal Services bill.

Street Maintenance Fee

In January 2019, the City of Abilene began collecting a Street Maintenance Fee, paid by utility customers within the City Limits. The fee established a Street Maintenance Fund dedicated to the management and care of City streets and associated infrastructure. The fee is collected within the monthly Municipal Services bill. 

The fee provides funds for construction and maintenance of residential, collector, and arterial roadways and supporting infrastructure to include (but not limited to):  signs, signals, and markings, ensuring safe travel along Abilene’s roadways. 

Residential fees are: 

  • Single Family Residence: $8.75

  • Multifamily Residence: $8 per dwelling unit

  • Low-Moderate Income: $1.75 per non-irrigation meter

Persons who make 50% or less of the median family income as defined by the City's Office of Neighborhood Services are eligible to pay a reduced rate. Applications for LM1 rate reduction are available at or by calling 325-437-4576.

Click here for a look at City of Abilene street projects listed out by funding mechanism, including the Street Maintenance Fee.

Environmental Charge

A $3.50 fee that supports Stormwater Services public education efforts ($1.50) and Solid Waste’s Environmental Program, the City’s recycling program ($2). Beginning April 2024, the environmental charge will be rolled into each individual department’s total charges and no longer appear as a separate fee on your Municipal Services bill.

Click here to learn more about City of Abilene Solid Waste Services' recycling programs and resources.

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