Which children are eligible for medical check-ups at he Health District?

At the MERCY Health Care Center, Wellness Exams are provided to eligible children through the Texas Health Steps Program. If your child is covered under a Medicaid program, they will be evaluated for important milestones by our Family Nurse Practitioner. We also provide low cost Back to School, Sports Physicals and HeadStart Exams. We offer free lead screening for preschool-aged children. If your child is uninsured and you are financially eligible, they may qualify for our Primary Health Care program which would cover their Well Child Visit and other visits to the MERCY Health Care Center during the year. 

MERCY Health Care Center is located at 1902 Shelton Stree. Monday through Friday 8 to Noon and 1 to 5 pm. Call 325-676-6634, ext. 212 for more information.

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