What is "AMI"?

AMI stands for "Advanced Metering Infrastructure." It is a method of using communication technology to read meters remotely without having to access each and every meter located inside meter boxes in the ground.

Advanced meter systems are quickly becoming the standard for utilities around the country. These new devices allow for more accurate and faster collection of water usage readings than the current manual method and improve safety conditions for City staff. Introducing automatic meter reading as the standard for Abilene is one of the ways we can better serve our customers and improve the overall efficiency of the utility department.

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1. What is "AMI"?
2. Will the electronic device on the meter interfere with other electronic equipment?
3. Is the electronic device and data encrypted?
4. How will usage be verified during the transfer from one meter to another?
5. Is there any special care or maintenance that I need to do to my new meter?
6. What are the benefits of this water meter conversion?
7. When can I access my water meter information online?
8. I still have questions. Where can I get additional information?