How can I get road humps installed on my street?

The City has an official Road Hump Program that sets forth the road hump request process:

  • The initial request for road humps must be in writing and be signed by at least five residents (one per residence) on the street segment where road humps are desired. City staff will evaluate the street section to determine if it is eligible for road hump placement.
  • If the street segment is eligible, the applicant must submit a petition of the residential dwellings along the street. To proceed, a minimum of 70% of the residences must approve of the road humps and 50% of the residences must agree to a road hump in front of or adjacent to their property.
  • If the petition conditions are met, the City will determine road hump locations and the area most likely to be impacted by the road humps. The City will notify property owners in the impacted area and request their opinion. The applicant is responsible for the cost of notification. If fewer than 20% of those households notified oppose the road humps, then the street will be eligible for road humps. After the City receives the required funds from the applicant, the humps will be scheduled for installation.

Additional Information

For more information, read about the Road Hump Program (PDF) or contact the Traffic Engineering Division at 325-676-6281.

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