How can I donate materials for the book sale?

Effective May 2020: We will no longer be accepting donations of materials until 2021 (time to be determined).  Due to our closure during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Annual Friends of the Library Book Sale will not be conducted to relieve us of the items we’ve collected in 2020. As we will not have a place to store a second year’s worth of donations we are asking that you hang on to them for the future, or look at local agencies that may be able to benefit from your donation.

We accept donations throughout the year at your Main Library (202 Cedar Street). We do ask that you bring your donations to the alley behind the Main Library (where the outside book drop is located) Monday through Friday between 9 am to 4 pm You will see double doors where you may then ring the door bell and someone will come out to help assist you in unloading your donations.

Please note we stop receiving donations the week prior to the Annual Book Sale in preparation to move all donations for the sale. During this time, if you still wish to donate, you may be asked to bring your materials to the Abilene Convention Center located at:
1100 N 6th Street
Abilene, TX 79601

You can also deliver them to the library after the sale has ended.

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