What types of library cards do you offer?

General Library Card

  • Each library card affords you with 3-sessions on library computers each day and access to our E-Resources and Digital Services
  • Includes up to 10 DVDs, 10 audiobooks, and 10 music CDs
  • Valid for 1-year and checkout up to 50 items at a time, per card

Non-Resident Library Card

This card is Valid for 1-year at an annual fee of $10 with access to all the same services of the General Library Card and is for all Texas residents not residing in the City of Abilene or military.  Although all Texas residents may acquire this library card, you must be present at the library to do so.

Internet-Only Card

This card allows access to library computers only.

TexShare Cards

TexShare Cards give access to statewide library card that lets you borrow materials from more than 500 Texas libraries. You may acquire one at any library branch with a valid library card. If enrolled in the program outside of Taylor County, present us with your TexShare Card to receive our library card at no charge. You may borrow two items, except DVDs. These cards do not grant access to our Digital Services.

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1. What types of library cards do you offer?
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