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1st Floor, Story Room

Subfacility of Main Library

Childrens Story RoomThe first floor Story Room at the Main Library is the primary place children's staff hosts their regular storytime sessions.  With weekly programming designed for newborns through preschool, staff utilizes puppets, music, flannel boards, and other stimuli to entertain youth in regular activities.

The Story Room offers much storage for children's staff, holding much of our craft supplies and puppets, and it also contains wall-to-ceiling murals contributed by Debra Warr.  The mural depicts scenes of a child's imagination and is especially unique in that hidden in the murals are stars.  The game is to see if you can locate all of them while in the room.  It's more challenging than you think.

Along with hosting storytimes and children's programming in this room, we invite you to come and experience this room for yourself the next time we host a program.