What would I be doing at Lib-Con as a volunteer?

There's a variety of tasks we will have for volunteers to help make sure Lib-Con runs smoothly. Such includes:

  • Clean-up: Helps library staff clean-up rooms and areas after a program has ended
  • Cosplay Contest: Helps with:
    • Acting as a gopher for library staff
    • Assisting the audience attending the contest
    • Registration
    • Seating contestants
  • Programs: Great for those who love working with the public - working hands-on with library staff and Lib-Con guests to assist in the running of any of a number of programs being hosted throughout the week - Programs may include:
    • Contests
    • Crafting Activities
    • Gaming Opportunities
    • Movie Sessions
  • Set-up: Assisting behind-the-scenes with setting up rooms and areas for Lib-Con programs and activities:
    • Helping the program leader
    • Prepping crafts and activities
    • Setting up tables and chairs
    • Additional items as needed

If you have an interest in helping with any area of Lib-Con, inquire about helping with general tasks.

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3. What would I be doing at Lib-Con as a volunteer?
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