When will the City spray?

If West Nile virus is detected in the city limits, the Environmental Health's Mosquito Controls initial response will be to intensify its efforts to reduce mosquito breeding sites and increase its levels of larviciding in those areas in which West Nile virus has been found. Reducing the adult mosquito population with pesticides (adulticide) approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be done if necessary to prevent human illness or to suppress a heavy nuisance infestation of mosquitos.

The Decision to Spray

The decision to spray, by truck mounted sprayers, will be based on surveillance information or the documentation of West Nile virus activity at a level that indicates a threat to human health. Spraying will be concentrated in areas most at risk for disease occurrence and will be conducted by certified and licensed applicators. The program's aggressive campaign against mosquito larvae is intended to minimize the need to use adulticide.

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1. When will the City spray?
2. What pesticides will be used, and what are the risks?
3. Where will the spraying take place?
4. Why doesn't the City spray every day?
5. Should I take steps to reduce exposure to pesticides during mosquito control spraying?