What pesticides will be used, and what are the risks?

When necessary, we will use the ground application of pesticides to kill mosquitos that pose a low health risk to the residents of Abilene and our environment. In the case of an adulticide, only targeting adult mosquitos, we would use botanical insecticides (plant-derived compounds) or synthetic versions of, which include pyrethrins and synthetic pyrethroids, as well as piperonyl butoxide. In an emergency situation, we may use malathion or sumithrin.


All of the products we use are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and applied according to label directions by our trained and certified technicians. Mosquito adulticides are applied as ultra-low volume (ULV) sprays. ULV applications involve small quantities of the active ingredients in relation to the size of the area treated, typically less than 2 ounces per acre, which minimizes exposure and risk to people and the environment.

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2. What pesticides will be used, and what are the risks?
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