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  1. CityLink Application for Employment

    Apply for employment with CityLink Transit.

  2. CityLink Evening Service - School or Work Trips Eligibility Application

    CityLink's Evening Service provides transportation for individuals to get to and from work or job training and school programs.

  3. CityLink Paratransit Service - Medical Professional Questionnaire

    Please use this application if you are a medical professional verifying the eligibility of a potential client.

  1. CityLink Evening Service - General Service Registration

    CityLink's Evening/Special Services may be used by the general public for other purposes on a space-available basis.

  2. CityLink Paratransit Service - Client Application

    Please use this application if you are a potential client applying for this service. If you have a disability which prevents you from... More…

Convention Center

  1. Booking Request Form

    Want to host an event at the Convention Center? Start off by checking the date and facility availability.

General Government

  1. Proclamation Request Form

    Request a Proclamation, Distinguished Service Award, or other honorary certificate to recognize people, a program, or significant event... More…


  1. Application for Mobile Food Vendors & Variance for Central Preparation

    Apply for a permit to be a mobile food vendor, such as a food truck.

  2. Mobile Food Unit Food Preparation & Vending Location Form

    All City of Abilene Mobile Vendors are required to submit and maintain a current itinerary sheet detailing all vending locations and... More…

  1. Central Preparation Facility Permission for Use Verification Form

    This form serves to verify that the owner of the Central Preparation Facility (CPF) submitted for use has granted permission to the... More…

  2. Servicing Area Facility Agreement Form

    This form serves to verify that the servicing area facility submitted for use has granted permission to the mobile food vendor to allow... More…


  1. Commendation/Complaint Form

    If you have a commendation for an officer or a complaint against one, you may fill out this form.

Public Library

  1. Book-A-Librarian Request Form

    Use this form to request a 1-on-1 session with a librarian, or skilled library staff, to assist you in areas you need help with for... More…

  2. Display Case Exhibit Request Form

    If you'd like to use one our display cases to exhibit a special collection of items you have, feel free to fill out this form.

  3. Program Evaluation

    If you have attended one of our library programs or events, feel free to complete this evaluation form to let us know what you thought... More…

  4. Volunteer Application | Friends Annual Book Sale

    Application for all parties interested in volunteering at this year's Annual Book Sale hosted by the Friends of the Abilene Public... More…

  1. Comments & Feedback

    Your Abilene Public Library welcomes the public to share your thoughts and comments about your experiences and service at any of our... More…

  2. Friends of the Library Membership Information

    If you have joined the Friends of the Library using the online option, including paying for your membership via PayPal, we ask that you... More…

  3. Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials

    Complete and submit this form if requesting library administration reconsider an item being housed within the library's collection to... More…

Safety City

  1. Safety City Scheduling Request Form

    To schedule your school group or organization at Safety City, please complete this form. Please contact Safety City at (325) 676-6096... More…

Your Abilene Investment

  1. Submit an Idea

    Have an idea for a City project? Let us know!