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Application for Mobile Food Vendors & Variance for Central Preparation


  1. 1. Mobile Unit Information
  2. 2. Owner & Applicant Information
  3. 3. Permits & Applications
  4. 4. Food Supply & Storage
  5. 5. Food Preparation Procedures
  6. 6. Hot/Cold Holding
  7. 7. Unit Information
  8. 8. Unit Information 2
  9. 9. Washing
  10. 10. Checklist
  11. 11. Signature Page
  • Mobile Unit Information

    1. City of Abilene Texas Logo
    2. Environmental Health

      633 Walnut Street Abilene, TX 79601
      Email Foodtruck Usergroup
      (325) 676-6291
      FAX (325) 676-6289

      This application must be completed by the establishment owner or operator.

      This review package, fully completed with attachments, must be submitted before Environmental Health Department staff can proceed with permitting. Failure to include all requested material will delay your review. Once review package and plans are submitted and deemed complete, Environmental Health Department staff will respond within 10 working days. Response of “see plans” will not be accepted. Applicant must complete each section of this document for approval. Please provide our department with phone number and email contact information of the person in charge of your project in order for your assigned inspector to address questions they may have in regards to your application.

    3. 1. Mobile Unit Information
    4. Unit Type
    5. Unit Construction
    6. Will there be support trailer(s)?
    7. This includes smokers towed behind mobile unit which a physical barrier shall be provided for barbecue pits and grills for separation from the public.
    8. Central Preparation Facility Permission to Use Form
      If using a Central Preparation Facility, please fill out the Central Preparation Facility Permission to Use form after completing this form.
    9. Mobile Food Unit Food Preparation & Vending Location Form

      Please fill out the Mobile Food Unit Location form after completing this form.

      *Schedule is required to allow the Health Dept. to conduct inspections during operational times. Food Preparation and Vending Location schedule sent in by 1st of the month. If there isn’t a schedule, then notify Environmental Health by the 1st of the month. Changes in vending, at Vendors discretion, submit 24-hour notification to Environmental Health. Nonscheduled vending: After 2 warnings, 3rd violation may result in permit revocation.