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Week of December 9, 2019

Alley Maintenance

  • Complaints Citywide

Crack Seal

  • Antilley Road: Closed from Buffalo Gap Road to HWY 83, Lane Closures only
  • South 27th Street: Closed from Maple Street to Oldham Lane, Lane Closures only
  • South 7th Street: Closed from South Pioneer Drive to South Treadaway Blvd, Lane Closures only
  • Washington Blvd: Closed from E Hwy 80 to East North 16th Street, Closed to through traffic
  • West Lake Road: Closed from Ambler Avenue to Anson Avenue, Lane Closures only

New Concrete Construction

  • Big Sky Drive & Janna Drive

Repair Potholes

  • Complaints Citywide

Road Repairs & Closures

City of Abilene Rolls Out Street Maintenance Fee Resources & Question Hotline

Post Date:11/01/2018 3:32 PM

The City of Abilene is excited to offer several information tools & customer service resources as it begins to roll out its new Street Maintenance Fee.

In a May 2018 city election, Abilene citizens voted in support of a Street Maintenance Fee to establish a sustainable, debt-free system of funding Abilene roadwork. City of Abilene staff have been working since that time to meet that request, establishing a system to administer the Street Maintenance Fee while meeting the needs and concerns of Abilene citizens. The Street Maintenance Fee is set to go into effect January 1, 2019, and will appear on water customer’s utility bill for the following billing cycle.

The City of Abilene has created a webpage, email, and phone line, dedicated to answering citizen questions and concerns with the Street Maintenance Fee. Over the next few days, utility customers should receive a letter from the City, explaining the Fee, when it will appear on their utility bill, and how to qualify for the reduced Street Maintenance Fee.

To learn more about the Street Maintenance Fee, you can connect with the City of Abilene through these resources:

Join the City of Abilene on Facebook for a live feed on Friday, November 2nd at 9:30 a.m. as Assistant City Manager Michael Rice discusses the roll out of the Street Maintenance Fee,and the information resources available to utility customers.

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