Proposition #3



Sidewalk improvements include construction of approximately 10-12 miles of public sidewalks. Design of the Phase 1 sidewalks was completed in late 2016. These five projects will provide safe routes for students walking to Jackson, Lee, Ortiz and Reagan elementary schools and Clack, Madison and Mann middle schools. These sidewalks are expected to be complete in 2017.

Phase 2 sidewalks projects have not been identified, but will likely continue to complement the Safe Routes to Schools program or bond program projects on streets with high foot-traffic counts. Overall, the bond program will construct 10-12 miles of sidewalks over the next three years.

 Scheduled 2018  Phase 2 projects coming soon.   
Fall 2016  Design of Phase 1 projects complete, construction expected soon.
Design Contract April 2016 A Design Contract was awarded to the local firm Jacob & Martin Engineering. TBD