Prop 8

Proposition #8

Cedar Creek Trails


The Parks and Recreation facilities along Cedar Creek Waterway and Lytle Creek Project will create nature trails along Cedar and Lyle Creeks from E.S. 11th St. to North 10th St.

November 2017: 
We continue to work with Union Pacific Railroad to obtain the right to construct a permanent trail across their right-of-way. We recently obtained Union Pacific Railroad's approval of our pedestrian canopy structure design plans, which Union Pacific Railroad requires to be constructed underneath their railroad trestle. We are now working to obtain a Crossing Agreement from them for the trail itself, and then we should receive a lease agreement from Union Pacific for the area across their right-of-way that the trail will occupy. We also continue to work with AEP Texas to obtain the necessary area that we need through the old WTU Power Plant property for the trail.

To date, we have obtained an easement for the trail to cross a large piece of privately owned family property, and have purchased another separate, small piece of privately owned property that the trail will cross. 

November 2017  Land easement procurement continues. Continued discussion with Union Pacific Railroad & AEP Texas during this process.
Scheduled Spring 2016 The design of the Cedar Creek Trail section beneath the railroad tracks is complete and is being reviewed by Union Pacific and FEMA. Some easements along the trail have been obtained, and discussions with property owners continue. If the trail design at the railroad tracks is approved by all parties, easement acquisitions will be completed in Phase 2 and design activities will begin for the rest of the trail system.  
Design Phase
 Spring 2016 Design work is being performed by the local firm of Enprotech/Hibbs & Todd for the trail improvements underneath the railroad tracks near East Highway 80. Once completed, the designs must be approved by the railroad company that operates the tracks.