Meet & Confer

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Meet and confer refers to a law the Texas Legislature passed in 2005 which grants cities the discretion to meet and confer with police and/or fire associations. 

January 6, 2006 the City received petitions from the Abilene Police Officers Association and the Abilene Firefighters Association designating those entities as the sole and exclusive bargaining agents for the police officers and firefighters and requesting the right to meet and confer.

On January 24th 2006 the Abilene City Council voted to approve by oral resolution entering into Meet and Confer negotiations with the Abilene Police Officers Association and Abilene Firefighters Association.

Meet and confer meetings will occur when needed.  All meetings will be announced and published to the public.

Fire Meet & Confer Agendas

Police Meet & Confer Agendas