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IMG_5677 How Lib-Con Started
Conventions celebrating comics, manga, anime, movies, and fandom are hugely popular. They allow us to feel comfortable to "geek" out and share our love of pop culture with others. Library staff also love these conventions and created a local mini-convention to connect our community with wonderful activities. Started by librarian Ann Mount, Lib-Con made its debut in 2014 and continues to grow each year.
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The Goals of Lib-Con
We want to provide everyone with a fun experience and celebrate the inner geek in us all. This event is a way for enthusiasts, and others who may be interested, to gather and engage in a number of activities. Come out, have fun, meet new people, spend time with family & friends, and build the love for anime, manga, fandoms, and more in Abilene.
Connecting the Community with a Mini-Convention
Major conventions can be too far or costly to attend. Your library is connecting you with the features of a convention on a smaller scale. With a variety of activities hosted, we encourage everyone to come out and join us. Even if you're unfamiliar with what Lib-Con is all about, attending our events will offer you a great opportunity to change that.
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Partnerships with Businesses & Local Organizations
Lib-Con offers great partnerships with local businesses and organizations. From gaming exhibitors to those selling collectibles, there's a host of great stations to visit each year.  Bring a little extra cash and find some great deals at your library.  If you're interested in participating as an exhibitor, be sure to visit our Exhibitor Page for details and information on how to register.

Currently we are full for 2019 and no longer accepting additional applications.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to attend?
Nothing; all activities are FREE. The only costs will be on the final day where you will need to pay for your own items purchased from available food trucks or vendor areas. Food and beverages are allowed inside the library for many Lib-Con activities.(without lids) must remain outside of the library unless participating in our movie showings. Food items will be accepted in these rooms only.
Do I need to register?
The majority of activities do not require registration with the exception of the Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Skits, Cosplay Chess, and the Art Contest (when offered).
What do I need to bring?
Nothing; we'll supply all materials needed.
Am I required to wear a costume?
No; although everyone is welcome to do so, it's completely voluntary.
If my child is younger than the ages listed for an event, can he/she attend?
Yes; the ages provided are guidelines. We welcome everyone to attend all events, but parents/guardians will be required to be present with a child if participating in functions aimed at an older audience.
Is there something at Lib-Con for adults to enjoy?
Yes; we'll provide activities including exhibitor booths, movie showings, gaming sessions, a Cosplay Contest, and more. Be on the lookout for the events we have planned and come out to the ones of interest to you.
Will my kids like Lib-Con if they don't know anything about anime?
Yes; Lib-Con is for everyone and we've got plenty of activities appealing to kids.
Can I volunteer to help?
Yes and on a limited basis. If interested in volunteering, visit the Volunteer Page or contact Ellene Cudd at 325-677-2474; email: at your Main Library (202 Cedar St.).
Can my organization participate in Lib-Con as an Exhibitor?
Yes; Exhibitor Registration Forms and information are available on our Exhibitor Page and we encourage everyone to take part in this event.
Are there age restrictions on the Cosplay Contest?
If wanting to compete for prizes, participants need to be at least 7-years-old. There will be a special category for youth ages 0-6 to present their costumes, accompanied by a parent/guardian.
What types of food will be available at Lib-Con?
Local food trucks will be available at the Main Library on the final day of Lib-Con. Although Lib-Con activities are free, guests will be responsible for their food purchases. Each year we do offer great options including vendors selling burgers, fish, desserts, and more.

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