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Lib-Con's Cosplay Contest

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  Show off your costuming skills while posing in character, or performing in a group skit. All ages may participate with prizes being awarded in the primary divisions. Not entering? That's okay, you're still invited to come out and watch the show.  Call 325-677-2474 if you have any questions.

Printable Entry Form

Costume Guidelines
Lib-Con is a family-friendly event. All costumes must be suitable for public display. Costumes must cover at least as much as a modest bathing suit. The Abilene Public Library staff reserves the right to insist on costume modifications. Shoes must be worn at all times.
Prop Guidelines
Misuse of a prop, or engaging in any type of inappropriate behavior (fighting, sparring, horseplay), will result in the immediate removal of the prop. All props are subject to review by library staff.

  • No real firearms (replica, antique or otherwise) will be allowed.
  • "NERF," air soft, paintball and water guns with the firing mechanism disabled will be allowed. No 'puffs of air" or other discharge should be detected upon testing.
  • Bows must not be fully strung and demonstrate to be able to fire projectiles.

Bladed Weapons

  • Weapons with a metal blade (sharpened or not) will not be allowed.
  • All bladed weapons must be dull to the touch regardless of the material they are made of.

Blunt Force Weapons:

  • Real blunt force weapons including, but not limited to, blackjacks, nightsticks, maces, tomahawks will not be allowed.

Cosplay Contest and Skit Exhibition Guidelines

  • All general cosplay rules apply.
  • In order to win a prize, 50% of your costume must be made or altered by you. For example, painting shoes and/or adding pieces to them = altering.
  • Costumes and props must be able to traverse stairs.
  • No jumping or acrobatics onstage.
  • Stage combat must be half speed or slower.
  • No throwing items off the stage.
  • No special effects (i.e. pyrotechnics, electronic flashes).
  • Everything you bring on stage must leave with you. No glitter, water, flower petals, etc.

Skit Specific

  • Skits must be "Family Friendly."
  • No more than 6 people per skit.
  • Skits can be no longer than 3-minutes, but may be shorter if you wish.
  • Microphones are not guaranteed; be prepared to talk loud enough to be heard if you do not pre-record your audio.
  • You are expected to provide a script of your skit at time of registration. Script must be approved by Lib-Con Staff.
  • You may submit pre-recorded audio for your skit. Pre-recorded audio will be accepted starting the week of Lib-Con and must be turned in prior to your registration. Please include your registration form with your audio. Electronic copies of audio should be sent to CD and flash drive copies must be brought to the Main Library. If you need your CD or flash drive back, be sure to label it and it will be returned when you check in on the day of the contest. Audio files should be clearly labeled and in mp3 format. Include contact information (name and email) with your audio as we will contact you if your audio is not working or has questionable content.
  • Children under age 10 may participate, but must have an adult onstage at all times.
Registration Form

Each registration form will ask for your name, age group you're competing in, the name of the character you're portraying (phonetic spelling too), and the series your character came from (i.e. anime series, manga series, TV show, movie, comic book, etc). If entering for a skit, you'll be asked to include the names of everyone in your skit, along with their character names, and a title for your skit.

Age Divisions
There will be four (4) age divisions including the Triforce Tots (Ages 0-6 with Guardian); Child Division (Ages 7-12); Teen Division (Ages 13-17); Adult Division (Ages 18+).
Registration Deadline
Contestants should register the day of the contest. Everyone should be registered no later than 3:30PM and also be in the library at that time, ready to be seated in the auditorium. Registration will be hosted at the Main Library (202 Cedar St.) on the second floor.
Arriving the Day of the Cosplay Contest
When you arrive, visit the registration table on the 2nd floor and sign in using your entry form. You'll get assigned a division and contestant number. Feel free to bring a reference photo of the character you're portraying for the judges, but this is optional. We'll also take a solo photo of you at registration for judging purposes. We ask that you are registered and in the auditorium no later than 2:45PM to begin the contest.
What You'll Do on Stage
We will bring everyone in your age division on stage and line you up. When you're called by the presenter, you'll step to the front of the stage to pose for the judges for at least 30-seconds. We will let you know when your time is up and then you can return to your position with the other contestants until everyone has been called. Once completed, we will direct you off stage and back to your seats.

Music will be provided by library staff. You will not be asked to perform as your character, just to show off your costume to the judges and audience. However, if you'd like to do different poses, or get into character, you're more than welcome.
Rating System for Scoring Contestants
Contestants in each division will be judged on a 5-point numerical score (5 being the highest) based on accuracy and craftsmanship when it comes to your costume. A cumulative score will be tallied and the contestants with the highest scores will determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place standings in each division.  In the case of a tie, they will be determined by the panel of judges at their discretion. Prizes will be awarded to the top three contestants in each division.

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