Our priority for the Field Services section of Animal Services is to help protect the community from animal threats such as aggressive stray dogs and animals that have bitten a person.  We also take a strong stance against cruelty to animals and irresponsible owners who choose not to vaccinate their animals against rabies or provide adequate shelter, food, and water for animals.

If you are having a problem in your neighborhood or witness any violations:

Emergency Calls vs Non-Emergency Calls 

Emergency Dispatch 325.698.0085
After Hours Emergency 325.673.8331
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EMERGENCY CALLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Dog & Cat Bites
Human exposure & broken skin

 wild animal

Wild Animals
Inside homes & living spaces

venomous snakes

Venomous Snakes
Inside homes & living spaces

aggressive dogs

Dogs Attacking Other Animals
Or acting aggressively toward humans

animal left alone

Animal Owner Arrested
Animal left alone in vehicle or at home

animal in danger

Animals in Immediate Danger
Tangled, tethered, emaciated, or injured

sick stray animal

Sick & Injured Stray Animals
Obvious wounds on a stray animal

dead animals in traffic

Dead Animals in Streets
Causing a traffic hazard

NON-EMERGENCY CALLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

stray animal

Stray or Loose Animals
Non-life threatening or injured

sick owned animals

Sick & Injured Owned Animals
Owner must take animals to the vet

dead animals not in traffic

Dead Animals in Streets
Not causing a traffic hazard

wild animals

Sightings of Wild Animals
At night or in their natural habitat

trapped animals

Animals in a Trap
Must be released at night or on weekends

animal carcass disposal

Disposal of Animal Carcass
Vet clinics needing disposal

 Animal Services may respond
to these calls during regular business hours.

All animals picked up at large are taken to the Abilene Animal Shelter at 925 South 25th Street

Barking Dogs
When an Animal Bites a Human
At Large/Estray Livestock
Animal Welfare & Cruelty
Dead Animal Removal
Dangerous Dogs