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Trap Program

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Animal Services Trap Program is focused on prevention of rabies carrier animals coming in contact with companion animals and humans.

Live traps are a humane tool to capture and relocate wild or domestic animals. However, setting a live trap means accepting responsibility for the animal’s well being until the animal has been relocated by an Abilene Animal Services officer.

1. Plan Ahead
2. Get a Trap
3. Set the Stage
4. Location
5. Bait the Trap
6. Relocation

Any time you trap a wild or domestic animal, you risk the possibility of injury, stress, or death to that animal. Depending on your particular situation, live trapping may not be your best solution. Consider first these suggestions to protect your home from nuisance animals:

  • Place your trash in covered receptacles, and wait until the morning of trash pickup to set it out.
  • Do not feed wild or stray animals.
  • Screen chimneys and vents to prevent attic nesting.
  • Spray fox urine or place ammonia soaked rags near problem areas to deter Armadillos, Opossums, Raccoons, and Skunks.

Also be aware that you will be legally responsible for the animal's health while it is in your care.

Contact 325-698-0085 and ask to be placed on the trap list.

Trap FAQ's

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