Frequently Asked Questions

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Emergency Management Questions

How do I register my storm shelter/safe room/basement?
Why should I register my storm shelter/safe room/basement?
How are citizens within Taylor County notified of severe weather?
How do I sign up for STEAR (State of Texas Emergency Registry)?

CodeRED Questions

How do I sign up for CodeRED?
Does the City of Abilene have my phone number, or do I have to sign up to receive CodeRED emergency calls?
Do I have to pay a fee for CodeRED service?
Do I need to re-register with CodeRED if I move to another location within Taylor County?
Can I choose NOT to receive CodeRED messages?
Can I arrange to have CodeRED call my place of business?
For what kinds of situations might CodeRED be used?
I'm already signed up to receive CodeRED messages, do I need to opt in (sign up) for CodeRED weather warning notifications to receive warnings?
How can I call CodeRED back to re-listen to the recorded message if I missed hearing it earlier?
I live near, but not in, the City of Abilene or Taylor County. Can I sign up for the Abilene/Taylor County CodeRED?