Mosquito Education

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Mosquito Hotline • 325.437.4999

What to Know About Mosquitos

About Mosquitos
Prevent Mosquitos
Mosquito-borne Illness

The 4 D's of Mosquito Protection

Wear Proper Clothing

Protect yourself from mosquito bites by wearing:
  • Loose-fitting clothing
    • Many mosquitos can bite through tight-fitting clothing
  • Long-sleeved shirts & pants
  • Light-colored clothing
    • Many mosquitos are attracted to dark clothing
  • Clothing that is treated with permethrin
    • Clothing treated with permethrin can protect after multiple washes
Dress your children to protect them, or use mosquito netting to cover cribs, strollers, & baby carriers

Spraying for Adult Mosquitos

When will the City spray?
What pesticides will be used, and what are the risks?
Where will the spraying take place?
Why does't the City spray every day?
Should I take steps to reduce exposure to pesticides during mosquito control spraying?