The Human Resources Division is responsible for producing payroll for the City's 1200+ employees and for retirees of the Fire Department. This division also handles recruitment and hiring, including Civil Service entrance exams and promotional examinations for positions in the Police and Fire Departments.

Compensation and Benefits are a major part of this division's responsibilities. Retirement, health, dental and vision insurance, deferred compensation plans, holidays, and paid leave are among the diverse array of benefits offered to City employees. Pay and classification plan administration and review, Policies and Procedures administration, and compliance with State and Federal employment laws are also major components of this division.

The City of Abilene is committed to the development of its employees.From supervisory training and customer service to defensive driving and first aid, the City schedules training and development activities throughout the year to improve the performance and increase the knowledge of its employees. For a wealth of other resources, a Training Library is housed in the Training & Employee Development Office.