Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are construction permits required?
Is a permit required for construction of...
When does a permit expire?
Can I obtain a permit to do electrical work at my own house?
Do I need a permit to demolish interior walls, a portion of a structure, or the entire structure?
What will happen if work requiring a permit is performed without contractor or owner first obtaining a permit?
How can I find out if a contractor is registered with the City of Abilene?
How do I become established as a contractor in Abilene?
How can I get a fire Certificate of Occupancy?
How do I establish wastewater service?
How do I get a service connection to a City sewer main?
What are the steps for a fire plan review?
What is a construction inspection?
How do I schedule an inspection?
Who performs inspections?
How long are house plans kept on file?
What construction codes does the City of Abilene currently use?
Which permits do I need to install a mobile home in Abilene?
Who do I call to have underground lines marked before I start to dig on my property?