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Planning & Zoning Department

Development Service Center
555 Walnut Street
Room 100
Abilene, TX 79601

The Planning and Zoning Department serves as an information resource and as the point for coordinating development functions for the public and other City departments. The Planning staff provides expertise and policy advice to citizens and staff alike and also works to create new standards for community enhancement. The Department serves a unique role in balancing the needs of the development industry with the interests of the public. It is housed with the Building Inspection Department in the Development Service Center in order to facilitate permit processing and questions from the public.

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Case Number & Manager
Meeting Date
       Planning & Zoning Commission City Council Final Reading & Public Hearing 

Cherry & South 14th Streets

Mr Jared Smith
Planner II
Rezone seven tracts of land from a Heavy Industrial (HI) to a Heavy Commercial (HC) District
Oct 1 Nov 7
East Industrial Boulevard
Ms Cheryl Sawyers
Planning Services Manager
Amend Planned Development District Number 70 (a.k.a. PD 70) to include revised building setback standards for patio homes constructed therein
Oct 1 Nov 7
118 N. Pioneer Drive CUP-2019-09
Mr Jared Smith
Planner II
Conditional Use Permit to allow contractor services in General Commercial (GC) zoning district
Nov 5 Dec 5
6605 Maple Street
Mr Jared Smith
Planner II
Conditional Use Permit to allow a home-based daycare for more than six children (other than caregivers’ own children) in Agricultural Open Space (AO) zoning district Nov 5 Dec 5

2002 Jameson Street

Mr Jared Smith
Planner II
Amend the existing Planned Development District Number 116, specifically by amending the graphic site plan (Exhibit B)
guiding development on western 6.207 acres of this district
Nov 5 Dec 5
842 N 3rd Street & 324 Mesquite Street

Mr Nick Watts
Planner I

Rezone property from Light Industrial (LI) with Historic (H) Overlay, to Central Business (CB) with Historic (H) Overlay
Nov 5 Dec 5

749 China Street, 750 Rose Street, & 397 South 8th Street

Mr Brad Stone
Planner III
Rezone property from a Heavy Industrial (HI) District to a Planned Development (PD)
District allowing industrial use but with no site-related or boundary street improvements
Nov 5 Dec 5

The Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council hold public hearings on cases in City Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall. If you are interested in any case, you have the opportunity to make your opinion known to the appropriate body at that time.

It is also permissible to mail us a signed letter, which will be forwarded to the Planning & Zoning Commission or City Council, whichever is hearing the case at that time.

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