Police FAQs

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Are traffic stops recorded?
Can I report minor crimes online?
Can I ride along with a Police Officer on patrol?
Does the APD have a bomb squad?
Does the APD have a K-9 Unit?
Does the APD have a SWAT team?
How can I get a copy of my own criminal record?
How can I get fingerprinted?
How do I become a Police Officer?
How do I commend an APD employee?
How do I complain against an APD employee?
How do I contact a specific officer or supervisor?
How do I file criminal charges against another person?
How do I get a vehicle that has been impounded?
How do I obtain copies of police records or reports?
How do I provide information to help solve a crime?
How do I report a crime?
How do I report a drug-related offense?
How do I report graffiti?
What do I need to do to have a special event on public right-of-way?
What is a street use license, and when do I need one?
What does the Child Advocacy Center to?
What is Crime Stoppers?
Where can I responsibly dispose of excess and expired prescription or over-the-counter medication?
Who do I contact about a case that has been filed?
Why didn't an officer respond to my call immediately?