Designing Services

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Engineering, Designing, and Processing a Project 

A project is assigned to the City Engineer through the Director of Public Works. The team conducts a forensic study of the Project. They determine any possible project failures. If problems do exist, then they determine the cause.

Next, the team makes a design analysis and runs a computer program that calculates the life of the design. They estimate the cost and develop a preliminary design. The Design Process of a project begins with a cover sheet of the project at hand. The survey data will be gathered, processed, and plotted. The details of the new roadway are calculated and a detailed plan for construction is devised. The plan contains design details and profiles.

In most cases the proposed design is made that includes innovative and cost saving recycling of existing materials. The design of recycled materials does not sacrifice quality for lower cost. Most designs enhance quality and increases the strength of the materials.

Next, a traffic control plan is made and the construction plan is complete. Once it is completed the team goes through a concept meeting with others and finalizes construction plans and specifications. Once the contract and other documents are completed and approved by the Legal, Purchasing, and Risk Management Departments, a plan review meeting is held to finalize the design.

The project is then advertised for bids in the newspaper for two weeks and all contractors that have shown interest in the contract are invited to attend a pre-bid conference. This conference is held approximately a week prior to the bid opening conducted by the Purchasing Department. The City Council approves the lowest bid for contract as recommended by the Engineering Design Team.

After a contract is approved there is a pre-construction conference held and work begins when a Notice to Proceed is issued. When the construction is completed, a final inspection is performed before the work is accepted by the city.

  • The Survey Data is:

    1. Downloaded from the total station to Computer

    2. Converted to raw data

    3. Reduced to Coordinates with Descriptions

    4. Surveyed points are imported into AutoCAD

    5. A computer drawing is then made

    The Survey Control System tracks all of the survey points in the City of Abilene. There are 700+ monuments throughout the city. Some have been destroyed by:
    • Utility Construction
    • Street Construction
    • Drives and Parking lots
    • Sidewalk Construction
    • Grading and Maintaining
    • Provide maps of Areas of Particular Interest
    • Provide maps to aid in major projects
    • Provide maps to show results of Neighborhood Studies

    Here is an example of the proposed floodway for Five Points Business Park