Stormwater Maintenance

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The City of Abilene Stormwater Utility Division performs maintenance on creeks and drainage ways throughout the City of Abilene. The Division’s goal is to reduce potential for flooding by removing vegetation, debris, and sediment that impedes the flow of water and may increase the possibility of flooding. The Division will strive to ensure that the stormwater runoff that reaches our lakes and drinking water supply is of the highest quality.

Areas of Maintenance

Maintenance Operations Jurisdiction
Property Owners Responsibilities
Vegetation Removal
Mowing Operations
Debris Removal
Illegal Dumping
Sediment Removal
Access to Creeks and Waterways

Street Sweeping Program

About Street Sweeping
Why wasn’t street sweeping completed in front of my house?
How can I help the street sweepers?
Why does the City only clean streets with curbs?
Why does the City provide limited public notification of street cleaning schedules?