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Our mission is to maintain the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing public street system with the available resources. The primary focus of this division is infrastructure oriented. Streets and alleys are an integral part of the infrastructure and must, therefore, be maintained at the highest level possible.

For questions or service requests, please call 325-676-6045.

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DCOA Funding

Planned Projects


  • John Knox Drive (Curry Lane to Ridgemont Drive) – Concrete improvement
  • Village Drive (Curry Lane to South Clack Street) – Concrete improvement
  • Cedar Run Road (Catclaw Drive to John Knox Drive)
  • Turner Drive (Ridgemont Drive to Ridgemont Drive)
  • Curry Lane (Catclaw Drive to South Clack Street)
  • Rolling Green (Catclaw Drive to Ridgemont Drive)


  • Rolling Green and Abilene Mall Entrance (Intersection)

In Process/Completed Projects


  • Ridgemont Drive (Rebecca Lane to South Clack Street)


Street Maintenance Fee Funding

Planned Projects


  • Work Zones S6 and S24 (Micro-Surfacing Streets)
  • Work Zones N10 and S15 (Asphalt Resurfacing)
  • South 23rd Street and Barrow Street (Intersection)
  • Griffith Road (East North 10th Street to Marathon Road)


Other Funding Sources

Planned Projects


  • TASA Sidewalk Project (South 11th Street Sidewalk/School Zone Upgrades)
  • Honeybee Road Re-alignment

Our Services

Concrete Repairs
Asphalt Repairs
Crack Sealing
Gravel Maintenance
Street Rehabilitation
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