Fleet Management & Maintenance

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management is dedicated to quality management and replacement of the City fleet and motorized equipment. This is accomplished by utilization of computer technology, emphasis on professionalism, extensive monitoring, reporting and analysis of fleet trends, sensitivity and responsiveness to vehicle and equipment needs, and participation in fleet related educational and professional organizations. Fleet Management is the prime initiator and coordinator for fleet procurement, specification preparation, inventory control, accountability, policies, and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Shop's hours of service?
What if my vehicle has a breakdown during an off-hour?
How often is my vehicle scheduled for Preventative Maintenance?
How often does my oil need to be changed?
How do I arrange a pool car for an out-of-town trip?
What air pressure should I maintain in my tires?
How can I find out if my vehicle is ready?
How do I get a new Gasboy card?
Is it okay to use another vehicle's gas card if I can't find mine?
What do I do if the gas pumps aren't working?
What figure do I enter for a meter reading on the Gasboy card reader?
Who do I see for a vehicle license tag?