Keep Abilene Flowing

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Keep Abilene Flowing

Avoid a Drainwreck!

Recently, Abilene has been experiencing a large number of sanitary sewer overflows...

These occur from a clog or blockage in the sewer line





Abilene is made up of more than 650 miles of pipe
  When a line is clogged, sewage has to go somewhere... it overflows out of sinks, manholes, bathtubs, etc.
  This causes a huge, foul-odored and expensive mess to fix

More than 80 percent of these overflows, have been due to fats, oils, and grease in the sewer. And with the addition of flush-able wipes (which do not disintegrate), the problem has magnified. In response to this, the City of Abilene has created a program to increase community awareness and provide guidance and direction to both businesses and residents as we respond to this health and environmental concern.

A new Ordinance has been created for restaurants and food service providers to follow. In addition, DRAINWRECK is an educational campaign launched to change resident behavior for disposing fats, oils and grease. We must each do our part to reduce the amount of grease in our sewer system in order to make Abilene a clean and healthy place to live.


To prevent costly plumbing problems in your own home, don’t pour oil or grease down the drain or garbage disposal. If you do, there’s a risk of sewer backups that could damage your possessions or cause your water to be shut off while repairs are made. Instead, put every drop of kitchen grease where it belongs: in the trash.

Cool it - Can it - Trash it

Save jars, cans and heavy plastic containers from items you already have in your pantry such as pickles, olive and spaghetti sauce jars; peanut butter and vinegar (heavy) plastic containers; and soup, soda, coffee and baby formula cans.

Wipe dishes with a paper towel before putting them into the dishwasher.

Throw disposable/flushable wipes in the trash and refrain from disposing them down the toilet.


Whether in a single family home or multi-tenant unit, plumbing backups are inconvenient, can lead to flooding and are costly.

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With a new ordinance in place, food service businesses are required to comply with specified grease trap regulations and maintenance.

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Stay up-to-date on the City’s effort’s to reduce the Fat’s, Oils and Grease that are preventing Abilene from a Drainwreck.

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For more information, call (325) 676-6405