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Abilene's Need to Conserve

Abilene has a long history of drought and water shortages, which resulted in the development of a water conservation plan and new water resources. These measures have helped Abilene save billions of gallons of water. Although water levels are currently healthy, Texas weather can change in an instant and the situation turn. It wasn’t that long ago, when in 2011 we experienced the driest year in Texas history. That led to Abilene’s water crisis that lasted until 2016. If we can get in the habit of being efficient and conservative with our water use, we can cut the amount we use by more than half! That is a significant impact that you alone can make. Ultimately, this effort helps Abilene’s future, ensuring clean fresh water for generations.


Dishwasher – Make it a Full Load

Whether a full or partial load, each run uses 15 gallons of water. To save water, wait for a full load before running the dishwasher.


Taking good care of your drains and plumbing can prevent costly, inconvenient plumbing problems. But when it comes to everyday drain maintenance, convenient, wisdom isn’t always wise. Here are few common misconceptions about what can and can’t go down the drain.

Myth #1

We have an abundance of water. And, it just rained.


Myth #2

My water choices don't make a difference.


Myth #3

Bottled water is safer than tap.







We depend on our nearby lakes and reservoirs to supply our City’s water. They depend on rain to stay full. However, due to our dry climate, Abilene can face water shortages. After a long drought, when lakes levels are well under the spillway, a typical day of rain will make little impact.



Actually, you alone can make a significant difference. Small changes in your routine can cut your water usage by more than half. The average amount of water a person uses at home a day is 88 gallons. If you cut those by half and saved 44 gallons a day, that would be 16,016 gallons of water a year.



Tap water and bottled water are comparable in terms of safety. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates tap water and screens for dangerous pollutants. It also mandates that water utilities provide annual quality reports to customers, educating them of its safety. Click here to see Abilene’s.


Ways to Conserve










By adding inexpensive devices and/or replacing old, ineffective fixtures with high-efficiency low-flow faucets/low-flush toilets, WaterSense appliances, etc, you can cut your water usage by 20-30 percent.


Reduce Usage

With a few changes in your routine every day, you can cut the amount of water you use by more than half. There are lots of opportunities to cut back in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and yard.



By simply identifying and fixing leaks in and outside of the house, hundreds of gallons of water can be saved. A faucet leak can waste 5 gallons a day; running toilet leak-200 gallons a day; and a sprinkler head or riser left unrepaired-13 to 16 gallons per minute.

Gadgets, Fixtures & New Appliances
Reduce Water Usage
Fixing Leaks Saves Water & Money

From the Tap: Abilene Water Utilities News & Information

  bag it

 Tips for Detecting Water Leaks

Water leaks can be very expensive. Most customers don’t realize they have water leaks until they receive a large bill. The best way to save yourself from the surprise, expense, and potential damage of a long-standing leak is to regularly check your water meter to keep tabs on water usage.


Holiday Grease is a Pain to Your Drain

When we think of the holidays, we thing of a big celebratory meal with family and friends. We plan this meal out weeks ahead of time and spend days filled with cooking and baking in preparation. The holiday season is also the biggest time of year for plumbers to be called for backups and clogs.


This Fall: Bag It, Don't Blow It! 

It’s an annual ritual, one that lasts a month or so, where we pull out our rakes and clean up our yards from seasonal debris. We see this as nature taking it’s course, but did you know that these dead leaves, grass clippings, and other yard debris are actually stormwater pollutants if not bagged up and thrown away?


Check regular drought levels in Texas - Click here See Abilene's current conservation stages & restrictions - Click here

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